Discussions – 2.03.2017
1JakFrost and guest host Boom Love discuss a wide range of topics from the white washing Jamaican Culture specifically
as mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine by renaming Dancehall music “Tropical House”, while also having Louisitta Chery the Author of the memoir “Just Let Me Die, So I Can Live” stop by to talk about her upcoming book signing.



Discussions – 5.20.2016
Jak and The Spot Crew consisting this time of DC Terry and Pe$o discuss currents events, Marion Barry’s legacy, Afrika Bambaataa recent child molestation allegations and more.



Discussions – 4.22.2016
Author, documentary film producer, media personality Tariq Nasheed stops by The Spot to discuss his upcoming lecture tour and the passing of pop icon Prince plus the latest installment of his Hidden Colors dvd .



Discussions – 11.07.2015
1JakFrost welcomes the phenomenal AGuy Smith a she discusses her upcoming DezignNation fashion and movement among other things.



Absolute Music Show – 10.23.2015
1JakFrost welcomes independent artist Prez P and friend to show Dj Meat as they discuss upcoming projects respectively while also speaking on the current state of the “Miami/South Florida sound”.


Absolute Music Show – 9.25.2015
1JakFrost,Dri and Dj Double ii go ALL THE WAY IN on this episode of Absolute Music Show.


Absolute Music Show – 9.18.2015
Jak welcomes SoFloRadio’s Head Honcho Ivan Badov aka Jorge Rodriguez to The Spot as they discuss cheaters, Luke Campbell’s book, racist and Cubans. All this happens while Dj Chris spins the wheels of steel.



Discussions – 9.04.2015
Recording artist ResQ of Block Bizz ent stops by The Spot to discuss his latest single “Gettin it” from his soon to be released mixtape Fam First, while also discussing the current influence the N.W.A legacy is having with the latest release of the biopic based on the iconic hiphop group.



Discussions – 8.28.2015
Dr. AK Tosu stops by The Spot to discuss the opening of his year round private elementary school (M.I.S.S.K.) as well as dropping knowledge in regards to the origins of the motherlands true name (ALKEBU-LAN).



Discussions – 7.31.2015
Jak welcomes the panel of comedian Plus Pierre, Channel Forbus, and Willy Cashmere as they discuss everything from the recent visit made by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan to Miami in preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, to the current Hip Hop “beef” being had by rappers Drake and Meek Mill and more.


Discussions – 7.17.2015
Student Regional Minister of the Nation of Islam Patrick Muhammad stops by The Spot to discuss the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Million Man March and it’s “Justice of else” theme, while also discussing the recent death of Sandra Bland of Chicago in a Texas Jail cell over a traffic stop, while also speaking on the conflict between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.



He Say Vs. She Say – 7.10.2015

The panel for the latest episode of This is _ The Spot: “He Say Vs. She Say” discuss everything from taboo sexual exploits, to the best encounters had with certain zodiac signs. Guest panelists Sizzle, DC Terry, Love Passe, Lady G, Karen Alexis, and 1Jakfrost leave nothing to the imagination.



Discussions – 7.03.2015
The great people of BuuR (pronounced Boor) Couture stop by The Spot to discuss their the recent release of their tshirt line while also incorparating their Senegalese culture within the brand.


Discussions – 5.15.2015
Jak and Shantelle welcome comedian Jett Wilson drop by The Spot to discuss everything from his comedy, him being the newest signee to Cash Money Records…. sort of and his Top5 Hip Hop and RnB artist and albums



Absolute Music Show – 5.08.2015
Local Artist Mistuh stops The Spot to discuss his music and recent entry into acting down here in South Florida.



Discussions – 4.24.2015
Thought provoking orator and author Dr. Umar Johnson stops by The Spot to drop some serious knowledge.



Discussions – 4.17.2015
Nika aka Bloody Millions and J aka The Creative Composer of Diamond Unlimited drop by The Spot to celebrate while educating during 420 weekend, while also discussing other upcoming ventures they coming out like their marijuana “weed maps” app.


Discussions – 4.10.2015
Jeff Fox one Half of South Florida radio duo the Sports Brothers drops by The Spot to everything from sports,hiphop, and his latest venture with IASO TEA and the SkinnTeaMovement plus more.


Discussions – 4.04.2015
Dj Oski drops by The Spot and tells us about his journey from being a performer, promoter, and artist.


Discussions – 3.27.2015
The Spot Crew welcome avaitor and author Ms.Jessica Cager as she discusses her book Spirit Filled Words: To Awaken the Sleeping Giant and her journey it took to create the pages in the book.


Discussions – 3.20.2015
The Spot Crew welcome local recording artist Keith Wallace aka FK as he discusses his latest project Barz Over Bullshit: Mind Elevation while also dropping serious knowledge as well.



The Spot – 02.27.2015
Jak And Dri welcome Stamped N da Streetz / Nappy Boy’s own Dj Slick 305 as he premiere some Indie artists and chops it up about the game.


Absolute Music Show – 12.26.2014
Recording artist and actor NYM(New York Money) stops by the Spot to discuss his upcoming project his recent mixtape release “Verbal Cinema 2”.



Discussions – 12.19.2014
Comedian Big A stops by the Spot to discuss his upcoming events, Bill Cosby, The Instagram purge, Chris Rock’s recent feature film and more.

Discussions – 12.12.2014
The Spot Crew welcomes singer Ronnie VOP as he discusses his upcoming Ep titled 7ven and his influences among other topics .

He Say Vs. She Say 12.05. 2014
Out numbered by four strong willed women, JakFrost discusses in this special edition of This is _The Spot! called He Say Vs. She Say. Nothing is off limits during this episode.

Discussions Part 1- 11.28.2014
Pe$O and Frost welcome recording artist Lamborghini Law to The Spot he discusses his upcoming projects and his aspirations in the music industry.

This is _The Spot!:SparQ Discussions Part 2 – 11.28.2014
The Spot Crew welcomes the Bahamian Rhyme Minister, Golden Child to discuss his appearance at the OskiFest 2014 at Will Call in Downtown Miami among other topics like his upcoming island flavored mixtape called Steel Drums.

Discussions – 11.21.2014
JakFrost and DriRue welcome the multimedia wiz John Reed as he discusses his involvement with such BET programming such as 106 & Park ,Rap City’s The Basement as well as running BET.com. John also discusses the industry, the current state of Hip Hop as well as his upcoming ventures such his new show Flip Hop which he host with Stefani V.

Discussions – 10.17.2014
The Spot Crew welcomes the Stamped N Da Streetz DJs general himself DJ Meat as he discusses his upcoming ventures, his relationships, the stripper life, the state of Hip Hop in South Florida among other topics.

Discussions – 10.10.2014
JakFrost and The Spot Crew of Dri Rue and DC Terry brace themselves for a comedic explosion as Miami’s own Larry Dogg brings some of the up and coming comedians scheduled to appear on the debut of The Future Superstar Comics Tour.

Discussions – 10.10.2014
JakFrost , Dri Rue, and DC Terry welcome Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen to The Spot as she recaps the debuting of her stage play My Soul is Bleeding and also discussing Raven Seymone’s recent comments during an interview as well as Alabama Pastor Juan McFarland shocking confession to his congregation among other topics.

He Say vs. She Say – 09.19.2014
A special edition of This is_ The Spot! called “He Say vs. She Say” with JakFrost and guest panelist Lady G, Peso St. LaPhresh, and Ms. Yesi(pronounced Jessie) as they discuss workplace crushes, expectations of friends with benefits situations,communication within relationship,phone sex, and favorite positions.

Discussions – 09.12.2014
JakFrost and PE$O! St.LaPhresh have a discussion with The SpeakerBoxx Miami crew as they drop by the Spot to discuss the company’s upcoming ventures and the empowerment of up and coming local artist by instilling a sense of business acumen needed to be successful in today’s Hip Hop. While also establishing their non-profit organization for the youth to inform them as well of the new cool which is the ability to attain knowledge.

Discussions – 08.15.2014
JakFrost and The Spot Crew of Dri Rue, and YaBoi_AB welcome choreographer and CEO of BNW Entertainment Ekandem “E” Essit as he discusses the dance culture in South Florida.

Discussions – 07.18.2014
Comedian Adam Schieba stops by the Spot! and chops its up with JakFost and the Spot Crew of Dri Rue , Yaboi AB,& Peso St. La Phresh as they discuss Adam’s upcoming events, The 5 hip hop trends that just need to end and more.

Discussions – 07.18.2014
Jakfrost and the Spot Crew of Dri Rue, Ya Boi AB, and intern Peso St. La Phresh welcome playwright Shanteria “Poetizer” Griglen as she discusses her upcoming stage play My Soul Is Bleeding among other things.

Discussions 06.6.2014
The debut show kicks off with JakFrost and a panel including Dri Rue, intern Pe$o De la Fresh discussing the Dame Dash and Funkmaster Flex beef, Rihanna recieving backlash over her revealing dress worn at the CDFA and more along with special guest panelist playwright Mootchie Alcin , Stamped N the Streetz own DJ Meat, Call in guest former Miami Heat forward Mark Strickland, and surprise guest Miami’s own Larry Dogg stopping by to shed some light on some local issues.